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The estimated total amount of unclaimed money owed to the public is over 300 billion dollars.
Our database contains information on over 20 million people from the U.S. and Canada owed unclaimed money.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is unclaimed money?

Unclaimed money are items such as money, stocks, or jewelry that are being held by state or federal agencies until the owners claim them. Businesses are required by law to turn unclaimed funds over to the government after a certain period of time. The government is then supposed to try to return these funds to the rightful owner. But, many times they are unable to do this because the owner has moved or died. The following are just some of the possible sources of unclaimed money: Saving & Checking Accounts, Inheritances, Payroll Checks, Tax Returns, Investment Accounts, Insurance Policies, Mortgage Insurance Refunds, Security Deposits, Stock Dividends, Refunds, and so much more!

If I was really owed money, wouldn't they have located me and given it to me?

Not necessarily! Many companies, states, and federal agencies don't make much of an effort to locate you. They don't have much incentive to do so since they can keep that money and wait for you to come claim it while they earn interest off of that money.

Who is likely to have unclaimed money?

Just about anyone! It is estimated that 7 out of 10 adult Americans are entitled to a share of the estimated 300 Billion Dollars nationwide that make up "Unclaimed Funds".

How do I claim the money I am owed?

Once you signup for our site you will be given the information you need to directly contact the source that owes you the money. You will then need to get a claim form from them and file it along with some paperwork proving you are really the person who is owed the money. It takes several months to receive the money. We do not require any verification information from you to search our site though. We do not get involved with the claims process and do not receive any of the money you claim.

Once I signup for your site, can I search for names of my friends and family?

Yes, once you signup you can do as many searches as you want. It is a one-time signup fee only. There are no additional fees and you will not be charged again.

Why don't you show me the person's address, date of birth, or Social Security Number in the free search so I know if it is really me?

We don't have access to date of birth or Social Security Number information, therefore we can not show it. We do have the address, but we only show this once you pay because the address shown is not always someplace that you lived. Sometimes it is the address of business (bank, stock brokerage, etc.) that owed you the money. Or, sometimes no address is shown and you need to contact the source that owes you the money to find out if you are the correct person.

Can I claim the money of a deceased relative?

Yes, as long as you are their heir and are entitled to the money.

Does your site show me how much I am owed?

Once you signup, most of the listings will show the amount owed. Some listings show the amount as unknown because non-cash items (stocks, bonds, etc.) are not given a value by the source. Once you contact the source, they will tell you exactly what you are owed. Also, for privacy reasons, some sources don't publicly show the amount owed. But, once you contact them directly they will tell you.

Can you mail me or email me the information about what I am owed?

No, you need to search online at our site.

Is the database for the USA only?

99% of the names are from the USA and 1% are from Canada. We do not have names from other countries.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

If you are not happy with the site for any reason once you signup, email us and we will give you a full refund.

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